July 2012

The match race between 1937 Triple Crown winner, War Admiral and the "people's darling" from the west coast: Seabiscuit. In this race, the incredible War Admiral just wasn’t fast enough.

Will 'FastForward' Be Fast Enough?

by Mike Bernhardt
Unless you’ve been camped out in a doomsday fallout shelter, you must already be aware of the Department of Energy’s FastForward program awards, most of which were announced over the past few weeks by the vendors receiving those funding awards. Most, but not all. At least not that we’ve seen.

The total amount handed out to date as part of the DOE’s FastForward program is $62.5 million. That would be mildly impressive if it was all going to one vendor – or to one specific topic of research. But that amount has been disbursed among five (5) different vendors, covering three research areas, and stretched out over two years.

Research HPC

by Mike Bernhardt
From corporate and social gaming to immersive educational programs, virtual worlds and next generation interfaces will soon have an impact on many different aspects of society. To get a better understanding of what this is all about, we interviewed Mic Bowman, a principal engineer in Intel Labs and head of Intel’s Virtual World Infrastructure research project.

For Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the work is just beginning.

by Staff
LLNL Takes the Lead in Managing the DOE’s FastForward Program

Let’s take the emphasis off the dollar amounts of the awards and bragging rights of the vendors, and talk about the program management of this stepping stone to exascale.

An Interview with Intel’s Raj Hazra

by Mike Bernhardt
The race to exascale may just have the allure to keep Intel pushing the envelope for HPC with the same passion we saw in the early 90s. Intel Vice President and General Manager of Technical Computing, Raj Hazra, discusses the Intel perspective on the company’s acquisition of Cray’s interconnect technology, the importance of the human resource assets, and the reason we need to be pursuing exascale.

UHPC is out. FastForward is in.

by Mike Bernhardt
The Exascale Report interviews NVIDIA's Bill Dally. Bill Dally is one of the most respected names in HPC. We're thrilled to have this special interview with Bill to get his thoughts on UHPC, FastForward, and the path to exascale.
Do you believe a roadmap exists that will get us to Exascale? The short answer is: It all comes down to how you define a roadmap. In this issue, we have selected a response from Professor Thomas Sterling as our Featured Community Response.

The HPC500

by Staff
Is your organization part of this important list?

More Community Response

Do you believe a roadmap exists that will get us to Exascale? Here are a few of the responses we selected from the community:

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