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The Exascale Report is pleased to offer a special, discounted subscription rate to all ACM members. Exascale is an important and pivotal discussion topic that will affect many of us who work in the global ecosystem of advanced computing, affecting key areas such as hardware, software, memory, networking, storage, applications, visualization, and others.

The Exascale Report is dedicated to providing insight through community thought leader discussions and interviews, offering perspective that goes beyond the content covered in news releases.

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey as we move ever closer to the realization of exascale computing.

Subscriptions to The Exascale Report are available only through group sponsorships. The Exascale Report no longer offers individual paid subscriptions. The exception to this condition is for ACM members. ACM members may still purchase individual subscriptions for the rate of $100/ year.

For more information on an ACM member subscription rate, contact us at ACM-rate@TheExascaleReport.com

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