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The Exascale Report is the first publication to focus solely on the next great challenge and breakthrough in HPC: exascale levels of computation. This subscription-based newsletter contains hard-to-get, insider’s commentary on the most interesting innovations, activities, accomplishments, and challenges critical to charting the course to exascale computing.

This is content you won’t find anywhere else.

The Exascale Report production team has over a century of combined publishing and editorial experience. And we aren’t just reporting on this community: we’ve spent our careers in HPC, doing everything from system design to marketing and parallel application development. We have access to the most influential and interesting leaders in the HPC community — enabling us to bring you the real inside story — not just a rehash of news releases and public announcements.

The Exascale Report is independent from paid advertising — the only major ad-free publication serving the HPC community.

A forum for lively discussion, analytical perspective, and at times, respectful debate. The Exascale Report is a probing, investigative publication that talks candidly about the challenges and activities that will forge the foundation and eventual development of exascale systems and solutions.

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The Exascale Report is the first publication to focus squarely on the next great challenge in HPC: exascale levels of computation.

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